FitBit Aria Scale – Broken Leg Sensor – 3D Print Fix

Hi guys, my FitBit Aria scale sensor had stopped working.

For a while, after every weigh in, I had to keep tapping on it to select myself as a scale user then lift the scale from the ground slightly, to release the pressure on the scale legs, until the scale would settle on my name, otherwise it would keep skipping between all scale users with similar weight without even touching the scale.
It had gotten worse and worse until it would fail with a battery warning, every time it tried to sync the weight to my account, despite the fact that the batteries were brand new.

I’ve followed this video on how to open apart the FitBit Aria scale, and I started to check out the 4 legs to realise clearly 2 of the 4 white plastic discs the scale sits onto, were broken.

Since Fitbit have no spare parts for sale and the scale is out of warranty, it’s pretty much good to go into the rubbish bin.
The scale wasn’t cheap, so I was determined to design the broken part so I can 3D print it in attempt to fix the scale.

To my surprise, I have found kizinfo had already designed the part and posted it free to use here: FitBit Scale – 3D Design part

I have printed replacements for the 2 broken legs, replaced the originals and voila!

It Worked straight away and the issue went away completely.

kizinfo had mentioned in the product description that after 5 months from installing his and using the scale multiple times a day, they were still going strong. Fingers crossed, mine work just fine for now.

Here is my acknowledgement to his design.

And now, as a small token of appreciation, I’d like to give back to the world a little something and hopefully make someone happy out there.
I’d like to print the broken parts for 20 families at no cost (except postage)
. (Australia only please, since freight overseas will cost a bit of money and if the parcel gets lost I can not offer any refunds since I’m not selling anything and I don’t want to seem untrustworthy just because the post/courier had misplaced the package.)

Please make sure your scale is out of warranty before opening it up and contact FitBit first. If they can’t help, then come back here and post below your request for 1,2,3,4(max) pieces, and make sure you type in a valid email address so I can contact you back in regards to the shipping details and my PayPal account for the shipping fee.

Please play fair and only post one request per family and only the broken parts.

32 thoughts on “FitBit Aria Scale – Broken Leg Sensor – 3D Print Fix

  1. Vio Post authorReply

    Please note, I have no stock, I just print them on request, they take a few hours to print and I work full time, so it will be either a weekend thing or sometimes after work during the week, so please be patient and don’t expect a next day delivery. Thanks in advance. Once my 20 orders have been fulfilled, I will mention in the post.

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi CN,

      How did your new legs work for you?
      Did you manage to fix your scale?

  2. William Reply

    Hello, i was about to throw my scale out of desperation and lack of hope, until i read this post… will it be ok to have new legs printed? Truly thankful for this blog.

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi William, I just returned from a holiday overseas and yes you may have some legs printed. I have a few printed already. How many do you need? 1,2,3,4? Also, send me your shipping address to find out the shipping cost to your location. Don’t worry your address is not going to be posted on the website. Every comment here needs to be approved by me first in order to show up on the website and I won’t let your address appear publicly. Cheers.

  3. Wayne N Toner Reply

    Hi Vio.

    If you are still creating these fitbit scales legs could you possibly print up 4 for me when you can?


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Wayne, sure can. I have them printed ready to go. Sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve just returned from a 3 week holiday overseas. Please reply with your shipping address in order to find out the shipping cost. And don’t worry, every comment needs to be approved by me in order to show up on the website and I won’t let your address show up on the website. Cheers.

  4. Ning Reply

    Hi Vio

    My Aria got same problem as well. After numbers of resetting and setup until I found the thread on fitbit community and led me to your Blog. I opened the scale and found two bottom legs are broken. Tried glue them but no help. (The glue could not help the tiny contact point and one of the leg has two broken area that could not be fixed.)

    Do you still have the plastic leg parts available? If yes could I get two bottom legs please?


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Ning,

      Yes I’ll get some ready for you and I’ll let you know the postage cost. (high likely will be under $5 but I’ll check with the AusPost for your address).
      I’ll be in touch, early next week.


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Geoffrey,

      I sure can, can you please reply with your shipping address so I can check the postage cost? I’ll then get some ready for you and once we work out the shipping, I’ll send them over to you. (high likely will be under $5 but I’ll check with the AusPost the cost of shipping to your address). I hope you’re in Australia as otherwise the shipping cost will be too expensive perhaps and with Christmas holidays here, delays and lost parcels can happen and if lost, I don’t want to seem untrustworthy and accountable for the lost parts, which I’m fine to resend if lost but I can’t do anything about the lost shipping cost..
      I’ll be in touch, as soon as I get your shipping address. (and don’t worry your address will not be posted publicly here for everyone to see)


  5. Ning Xin Reply


    Thanks for this. Could you please let me know the postage and how to transfer money to you?


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Ning,

      The postage is just the cost of a standard C5 envelope from Aus Post. Last time I’ve checked was $2.55. You can transfer to my Paypal. I have your address, once the money land in my PayPal, I’ll head over to the Post Office and send them out. I’ll send you a photo with your legs. (I’m shipping 4 since I had time to print a few more since my post)


      • Vio Post authorReply

        Posted your legs too Ning since I went to the Post Office. Pending your payment. Ta

  6. Ric Reply

    Hi Vio,

    Brilliant piece of public service, I’ve opened up my Aria and have same issue as described – tried epoxy glue without success. Hopefully you are still printing them – could I get 2 please ?


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Ric, sure,

      I still print them, just send me your address and I’ll send you some. I think the cost for postage Australia wide via Auspost is $2.80. You can transfer to my PayPal and I’ll post them soon.
      (once you’ve transferred the money, post your address here as a reply, and don’t worry, your address won’t ever show up in the comments.)

  7. Michael S Reply

    Hi Vio, I wish I could find a nice person like you in my neck of the woods… I’ve downloaded the printing file and will try to find someone who can print for me. You seem to have done this a while ago, are your replacement feet still holding up?

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Michael,

      I can 100% confirm that my FitBit scale is still going strong and I only needed to replace 2 feet when I published this article under 2 years ago. No issues with it since. Such a basic fix.
      From what you’re saying means you’re not in Down Under are you? If you are, I’m happy to print them and send them to you anywhere in Australia. Otherwise, I’m sure you’ll find someone somewhere to print them out for you.

      Good luck.

  8. Wayne M Reply

    Thank you for the video, it helped me realize the bottom two feet are cracked, after reading others comments I’m not going to try gluing either. I have a friend in Australia that I could get to send them to me if I can’t find anyone here to print them in Nova Scotia. Do you have a video on replacing the feet?

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Wayne,
      I don’t have a video on how to replace the legs as I remember being so straight forward to do, was only one watch battery size piece that went on top of the printed legs from what I remember, then place the leg back in its place.
      But I was thinking in making my own video on how to open and replace the legs all in one video.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Ric Reply

    Hi Vio,

    I’ve sent through a paypal payment to you, my address is :

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hey Ric,

      I’ve received your payment, I’ll print some and post them to you. Keep an eye here in the comments, I’ll reply once on their way to you.

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Ric,

      Today I’ve posted your printed legs. On their way to you.

  10. Mike Peek Reply

    Vio can you help me also with the two rear feet furthest from the LED readout?

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Mike,

      I sure can if you’re after the white plastic pieces that sit under the rubber feet as per the photo of this post. If that’s the case and you live in Australia, feel free to reply with your address (your address won’t be posted here) and make a $2.80 shipping deposit into my PayPal and I’ll send you some.


  11. Ray S Reply

    Hi Vio,

    Can you help me out with printing 4 rear feet please. I have 2 of these fitbit scales and both are having broken plastic pieces.


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hey Ray,

      Yes I can. Please send me the address where you want them shipped to, and I can post them this week.


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hey Ray,

      I went past AusPost today and I’ve posted your replacement feet. I’ve sent you 5 feet for the 2 sets of scales. They should last you some time. Hope you fix your issue as well.

  12. Vio Post authorReply

    Hi all,

    Due to current crazy times with the Covid19 crisis, my printer is super busy printing face shields for front line staff in need, therefore all other fun prints will be postponed. There are no outstanding orders but will be paused till further notice.
    I will post here once my printer is ready for fun.


  13. Jayne Moston Reply

    Hello. I’m so glad I found this post would it be possible to have 2 leg supports please.

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi Jayne,

      I can print you some. Please provide your address and please transfer the postage cost $2.80 within Australia, to my Paypal

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