ESPHome Garage Traffic Light

Garage Traffic Light ESPHome

Traffic Light For Garage Parking with ESPHome and Home Assistant Components: Wiring: ESPHome Code: esphome:   name: vio_traffic_light   platform: ESP8266   board: d1_mini   on_boot:     priority: -10     then:       – switch.turn_on: green       – delay: …

my keto journey

My KETO Journey

Daily Basic Stats Day Date Loss To Date (Kg) Weight (Kg) BMI Exercise Steps Calories Food Notes 1

Synology NAS

Synolony NAS Platform Integration for Home Assistant

  Home Assistant Synology NAS + add under “configuration.yaml” # Synology NAS stats – platform: synologydsm    host: 192.168.x.x (NAS local IP address)    username: !secret synology_username    password: !secret synology_password    monitored_conditions:     – …