3D Printing Face Shields for Front Line Staff Against COVID-19

I read a 3D printing news article regarding Covid19 a few weeks back where Josepf Prusa, the owner of Prusa 3D printers, inspired from community designs in the 3D printing community, had put his 3D printers fleet to work and print tens of thousands of face shield for the medical staff in the Czech Republic.

Currently, there is a shortage of face shields world wide, since the whole world is in crisis at the same time and with many factories closed down, the few that are still operating, can not keep up with the demand. I’ve quickly decided to 3D print some with my Prusa i3 MK2.5S.

I’ve started with the RC2 face shield design developed and improved design by Prusa, after about 6 face shields I’ve moved onto the RC3 model which seems to be a bit more sturdy, faster to print, not as curved around the head bracket which seems as a good idea offering a bit more room under the shield and a bit more space for the air to flow out from under the shield.

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6 thoughts on “3D Printing Face Shields for Front Line Staff Against COVID-19

  1. David Reply

    We will for sure, thank you. Being edited now!


  2. David Reply

    Hi Vio,

    Thanks! May we please use a few seconds of “GoPro HD Great Ocean Road 20X Speed Test” in our video? It’s lovely. Everyone is working for free but we’ll give you credit and a link to your site if you like.


    • Vio Post authorReply

      Hi David,

      Yes you may use any part of the video or all of it for your purpose with a credit and back link as mentioned. Enjoy your project.

      Best regards,

    • Vio Post authorReply

      Also David, I wouldn’t mind checking out your project if you would like to share a link once ready.


  3. David Reply

    Hi Vio,
    Thanks for helping when it’s needed most.

    Have a question about a youtube video that you made a while back.
    The timelapse Ocean Road.
    We’re making a quarantine video 🙂


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